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logo2.jpgBromyard Rifle Club, founded over 50 years ago, is situated just off the B4203 Stourport road on the edge of Bromyard. On the 2.5 acre site there is a clubhouse, 10 metre and 20 yard indoor ranges, 50 metre and 100 yard outdoor ranges with covered firing points, and a large car park.

We are predominantly a small-bore (.22" calibre) cartridge target rifle club, but we also have facilities for air rifle and air pistol shooting on the electronic target changer equipped 10 metre range.


Our facilities make us one of the major centres for small-bore rifle shooting in the midlands. We regularly host open competitions organised by county rifle associations and clubs, which attract shooters from all over the country. We also host the annual match between Wales and the UK Police rifle team. The West Midlands Regional Training Squad make regular use of our facilities, as do several other rifle clubs in the area who do not have their own outdoor ranges.

Club members shoot in teams and as individuals in local, regional and national leagues and other competitions. Currently, four of our members shoot in the Herefordshire county team and we have Welsh, English and Great Britain Internationals within our membership.

To comply with current firearms legislation, prospective new members can initially only apply for probationary membership. During the probationary period the probationer is given instruction in the safe handling and use of firearms, and in technical target rifle shooting skills. After successfully completing the probationary period to the satisfaction of the instructor and committee, the probationer will be invited to apply for full membership.

Our policy on junior members is that a parent or guardian must accompany the junior at all times. Those parents or guardians may themselves wish to try target rifle shooting, and are very welcome to do so.
So if you are looking for a technically and mentally challenging competitive sport, come along on a Tuesday evening from about 7,30 pm and find out what target rifle shooting is all about.

Further info.:
Robin Hughes (Secretary):                01885 482 563 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graham Povey(Chairman):                01885 482 683        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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