Bromyard - Buhuri Community Link


Bromyard's link with the Tanzanian community centres around LITI Buhuri, a small agricultural college near Tanga, on the North-Eastern coast of Tanzania.



We organise exchange visits in alternate directions:

In 2007 four people from Bromyard visited Tanzania. In 2008 five Tanzanians will visit Bromyard. We pay all the Tanzanians' expenses but anybody from Bromyard visiting Tanzania does so at their own expense. We all learn from these visits. We wonder how, with so little, they can be so happy. They pick up valuable tips about how we live - things they can copy and things they should avoid!

Right: The Mayor of Bromyard and her consort welcome Tanzanian visitors in 2004


We support projects at Buhuri e.g. their tree nursery, kindergarten and restoration of dam.

The tree nursery has supplied thousands of trees to schools, churches and other organisations and has made a real change to the surrounding environment.

The dam (right) saved the lives of thousands of cattle in the severe drought which the country suffered in 2003 - 2006.

Right: Hundreds of cattle come to the dam every day. It has also been stocked with fish, providing valuable protein for the surrounding villages.


We support schools links.

Several local primary schools have links with schools in Tanga. Sometimes this link takes the form of exchanging letters, but sometimes more ambitious projects are undertaken. One three-way link between a Tanzanian, an American and an English school has seen exchange visits between teachers and governors, computers being sent out and HIV/AIDS orphans being supported.

A link has now been created between Bromyard Q.E. Humanities College and Old Tanga Secondary School.


We support church links.

What is just a fund-raising coffee morning to us can put new life into church projects in Tanzania. Their churches all want a kindergarten, a clinic, income-generating activities for the women .... On the right is a hostel at Mapinduzi, intended as safe accommodation for young women coming into town for work or education. It was completed as a joint effort between the church of St. Francis and Tanga in Touch in Whitbourne.


We support the Civic Sistership between Tanga and Bromyard.

In 2007 Bromyard welcomed the Mayor of Tanga, Mr. S. Kisauji, together with the City Engineer and Treasurer, for a week's visit. Bromyard is now raising funds to help repair the roof of Tanga City Library (right). This lovely old building sadly needs a new roof as well as a supply of modern books



As well as fund-raising events in and around Bromyard, we have an annual talk/slide show to explain what we are doing. Why not join us?

For further information please contact:

Chairman: Mrs. Helen Combe Tel: 01885 482384

Secretary: Mrs. Susan Morris Tel: 01885 482927


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