Town Council Meeting

A report from Cllr Bernard Hunt

At the Town Council meeting on monday night , there was lengthy discussion on the ability to spend up to £2000 from the councils coffers to obtain 'legal counsels ' advice  on a paragraph in the recent planning appeal inspectors 'verdict ' re the Porthouse housing planning application .  However, it was not agreed as to what action might be taken on the advice or whether further expense could follow .

Cll Roger Page,chairman of the T C planning committee , proposed that the spending power be put in place .  There were eleven votes in favour , Cllrs B.Hunt & T.Smith voted against  and five cllrs had apologies for absence accepted .
During discussion it was noted that another planning application is expected in the near future and  Cllr Page announced that the applicants were to apply for substantial costs .
Further details can be obtained from the Town Clerks office .

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