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Woman was stuck inside home for more than four days following snow

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A VILLAGER has spoken of the harrowing experience of being stuck inside her home for more than four days following heavy snow which resulted in 12-foot high drifts.

Jo Franks lives four miles outside Bromyard in the village of Pencombe, which was severely hit by last week's snow. The village ground to a standstill and snow drifts meant many could not even leave their homes.

Ms Franks, aged 53, was stuck at home from last Tuesday to the following Monday and for four days could not even get outside her bungalow.

"It has been really harrowing. We didn't know how long it was going to go on for. I am used to being able to get out and about in my van and walk my dog, but we couldn't move," she said.

Ms Franks was in Bromyard last Tuesday when heavy snow started to fall.

When it last snowed in December Ms Franks could not get home, so this time she made sure she got back before the white stuff coated the ground.

Ms Franks, who uses a mobility buggy due to a spinal injury eight years ago, said: "I was stuck inside the bungalow for four days straight. There were drifts against the door.

"Outside the back door there was literally this three-foot wall of solid snow. I had to try and get my dog out through that."

Eventually on the Sunday she was able to get outside and use her all-terrain walker to walk her Staffordshire bull terrier called Barney Brown. Neighbours helped her clear her road on Monday after the council contractors had cleared the road through the village on Sunday.

"I felt very isolated. You are away from the rest of the world and you realise people don't have a clue what it is like around you."

"It has left me physically and emotionally drained. It has left me depleted."

She thanked everybody who has helped her get back to normal, including farmers and neighbours.


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