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Bromyard FC pull out of Herefordshire FA County League

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Bromyard Football Club have pulled out of the HFA County League before a ball has been kicked.

The side was formed four years ago at the request of senior players in the town that wanted to play local football in the county and provide a stepping stone for younger players.

But club spokesman Martin Corbett says their interest and enthusiasm has dwindled.

"One of the reasons stated was the lack of players willing to commit themselves fully to being regularly available due to work and other factors," said Corbett.

"Recently, the interest had dwindled, so much so that it was felt the right decision to pull out before they had to start struggling weekly just to raise a side and possibly incur fines for non-fulfilment of fixtures.

"Some of the players who had played since the team's formation have retired from the game and also, at the moment, there were not enough players coming through from the junior sides. This along with the fact that some of the Hereford-based players who had helped make up the squad last season had decided to play closer to home on hearing of the issues.

"The forming of the new HFA County League has happened partly because of this in an effort to provide new encouragement for grassroots football.

"The committee of the club is obviously very disappointed but as said in previous issues a lot of teams are struggling and numbers of clubs are dwindling with costs rising and lack of players across the country."


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