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 On Wednesday 15 June, three bellhnagers arrived from White's of Appleton to dismantle the bells. They took off the wheels and clappers, opened the trapdoors in the otwer floors, and lowered them to the floor.

By Wednesday evening all eight bells were on the floor of the church. On the Friday they were taken away to White's, the country's oldest bellhanging company, based at Appleton near Abingdon. Brian White, the current director, is the great-great-grandson of the founder. On Monday resin pads were manufactured to fit between the top of the bell and the headstock. Originally, the older bells had cannons on top, large hoops that were part of the casting, used to attach the bell to the headstock. More advanced engineering led to these being abandoned, and they were taken off our bells in 1968. Wooden pads fitting over the rough remains of the cannons were made to make a flat surface. These are of limited life and success, and today resin pads are cast to fit each bell exactly. They were made at once so that the bells can be tuned more accurately. They are now (22 June) in the Whitechapel Foundry in London being tuned. The process takes more between one and two days for each bell, so to tune the seven old bells and three new ones will take a month.

Back in the tower, we are working on installing the soundproofing and moving the clock.


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