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Gladman was looking for permission to build up to 120 homes in Bromyard

From The Hereford Times - click here....!

{gallery}may2016/gladman{/gallery} A planning appeal by a developer seeking permission for more than 100 homes in Bromyard has been thrown out.

Inspector Stuart Nixon dismissed Gladman's appeal to build up to 120 homes off Pencombe Lane.

The decision follows a four-day planning inquiry which was held in Hereford last month.

In his decision notice, Mr Nixon says: "It is the recent adoption of the Core Strategy (Herefordshire Council's planning blueprint), with the Hardwick Bank site (earmarked for development by the town council) included as a strategic housing site, which brings into question the acceptability of the priority junction.

"The proximity of the available access point from the A44 to the Hardwick Bank site means that the two access points would be relatively close together.

"As such, it is necessary to consider the interaction between the two schemes and the potential risks to highway safety and maintaining the free flow of traffic. When this is appraised, there can be no doubt that two junctions so close together would be untenable in highway safety and capacity terms."

The decision means the application has now been refused three times; twice by Herefordshire Council's Planning Committee, and now on appeal.


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