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Changes at the Town Council - support for Youth Club.


BTC LogoMeeting of Town Council  on March 17th.  Nominations were sought for the vacancy for the Vice Chairman of the Council. Jan Pearce-Higgins asked councillors to give careful consideration as  the Vice-Chair would be likely to be the next Mayor. Alan Seldon was nominated, agreed to stand and was elected unopposed. Later in the meeting Fred Clark was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Planning Committee. One of the main agenda items concerned the Youth Club having the use of the Heritage Centre for the next 12 months. This was agreed after considerable debate (see below) at a rent of £4000. (The Councill had an offer from a retailer of £6,000 on a full repairing lease)

A number of councillors, notably Burt, Churchill and Martin spoke eloquently in support of continued support for the youth club in spite of the council having an offer to rent at £6000 p.a.  Others, while sympathetic to the youth club were more cautious pointing out the council had a £700,000 debt and the club was one of many youth activities in the town and used the premises for only 2 hours a week. Concerns were also voiced about the ability of the club to raise funds to pay the rent. Supporters of the club gave assurances that the rent could be met. Alan Seldon advised that in the longer term money might become available for youth services in the town from a variety of sources.



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