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Black bins for fortnightly rubbish collection

From the Hereford Times
PLANS to move to fortnightly bin collections will be offset by black wheelie bins. In a letter to the Hereford Times, councillor Harry Bramer, cabinet member for contracts and assets, confirms the authority is looking at alternate weekly collection because it will "reduce costs and increase the rate of recycling across the county".  But he says the council is also looking to supply "the majority" of households with free black wheelie bins for general waste.

Under the scheme, green recycling bins would be emptied one week and the black ones emptied the following week.  Coun Bramer said this is a "widely used approach to waste and recycling collection which has been used successfully in neighbouring counties for many years".  He added: "Once we are confident that we have examined the costs and the benefits fully, we will be able to make a final decision and confirm our plans."

If the decision is made to go ahead, the new scheme will start in November.


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