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SATURDAY 12th APRIL at 7.30pm.  TICKETS: £15 (concessions £13)  BOOKING:  go to uk Traditional singer Maddy Prior has become a tradition in herself, a major player in the 'modernisation' of folk music in the early 70s when she helped found Steeleye Span and electrified both the genre and the folk world.


  Thirty-five albums later -  and Maddy's continuing creativity ensure her place as a leader still in folk music.   Traditional material, yes, but Maddy's never stood still in her career or her musical experimentation.  Side by side with her continuing and extensive repertoire of English folk-song,  she's teamed up with accordionist and champion clog-dancer Hannah James to explore influences from the Scottish Borders, from Bulgaria and Appalachia, and from the Jewish Klezmer tradition.   


Maddy's voice is as strong and distinctive as ever, maturity adding depth to its ever-present subtlety.  What a night it's destined to be at the Conquest, Bromyard, on Saturday 12th April, when Maddy and Hannah are joined in concert by fiddler, mediaeval bagpiper, and Arab violinist Giles Lewin.   The trio will showcase Maddy's last album '3 for Joy' - an exploration of the music they all love, a night guaranteed to be memorable.


SATURDAY 12th APRIL at 7.30pm.
TICKETS: £15 (concessions £13)
BOOKING:  01885 uk



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