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Alternate week collections being considered


From Herefordshire Council

HClogoWe announced in October that we would consider introducing alternate weekly collections of waste and recycling in 2014. We included this proposal in our budget consultation.  We are looking at this because it will reduce costs and increase the rate of recycling across the county. It is important that we reduce costs so that we can fund our priorities of keeping vulnerable children and adults safe and investing in jobs, roads and homes.

Cllr Harry Bramer is the cabinet member responsible for waste management, he said

"We are still working through the details but we are looking at supplying the majority of households with free black wheelie bins for their general waste. Under this scheme we would empty the green recycling wheelie bins one week and the black wheelie bins on the other week."

"This is a widely used approach to waste and recycling collection and has been used successfully in Shropshire and most of Worcestershire for many years. Once we are confident that we have examined the costs and the benefits fully, we will be able to make a final decision and confirm our plans."

Some answers to frequently asked questions
Will every property get a wheelie bin?

If the scheme goes ahead most properties will get a wheelie bin.

Properties currently using a communal bin will not see a change.  Will a wheelie bin be big enough for 2 weeks of waste?


We are looking at a bin capable of holding the equivalent of 3 to 4 black sacks.

The average Herefordshire household puts out the equivalent of 1 and a half bags per week.

Families with 6 or more people in the same household would be able to apply for a larger wheelie bin.
When will the scheme start?

If we decide to go ahead, the new scheme will start on 1st November 2014.

We will make sure householders are aware of the changes before they start and we will work hard to encourage people to recycle and compost as much as possible.



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